Failed to execute action {:action=>logstash::pipelineaction::create/pipeline


I'm new in ELK and i'm trying to run the logstash with the default files and I still have the error message attached. I don't understand why this behavior. (see attached print screen)

can you help me ? I already tried to do some specifications within the different files but I came back to the default files from the Zip file
(Windows Server 2016) I try to manually run logstash.
Thanks a lot

Please do not post pictures of text. Just post the text.

thanks for your answer, Unfortunately I'm working in a very secured environment and picture is the only way to extract info. :frowning:

Well, you need to post the configuration that it is complaining about.

finally I decided to stop using the default config file and I built a new one from scratch. no an easy way to start with the concept but most efficient in term of learning. So, now it work. The problem seems to be on the format of the initial file. Thanks again for your quick reply. Happy to start working with this ecosystem :slight_smile:

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