Failed to parse a date field in Logstash

Fail to parse a date field in Logstash

I'm trying to parse a date field from a log file coming from an Exim Mail Server where I have a date string like this "2021-10-28 15:44:40".
In my filter in Logstash, first I apply a "mutate" filter and add a timezone where the date field looks like this "2021-10-28 15:44:40 -0300"
But when a trying to parse date format, I got the error below.
My question is how I can do this?
My setup is this.

The index mapping is this.

And the error I getting is this.

In logstash, unlike Elasticsearch or kibana, the syntax to reference a nested field in an object is "[exim4][datetime]", not "exim4.datetime".

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I fixed this by editing my index template and adjusting the date field format in Kibana as below.

It's working now.

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