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I am using the version 6.4.2 of filebeat and elasticsearch. I am trying to upload the template into elasticsearch using the setup command. It works fine but when I saw the generated template (also through the filebeat export command) the fields under key: log are missing. The only generated mapping is:

        "log": {
          "properties": {
            "level": {
              "ignore_above": 1024,
              "type": "keyword"

It is missing the other properties like message e.t.c.

And because of this when I am sending docker logs the log.message field is getting indexed as a keyword type where as it should be text.

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Are you using a module? Do you have any special fields? Could you please share your configuration formatted using </>?

(Shaurya Garg) #3

I have not changed the configuration. It is what is supplied when you install the filebeat.
I just installed using sudo apt-get install metricbeat=6.4.2 after which I ran the sudo filebeat export template
The generated output has many fields under keys like logstash, mongodb etc but under logs its the same as what I posted.

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Filebeat does not provide a field named log.message. Where does that field come from?

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