File beat multiple path to multiple end points

I wanted to grab logs from different path and then will send it to different end points of logstash.
And I am following your official document for the same(

My root filebeat.yml looks like below:
enabled: true
path: inputs.d*.yml

My inner yml files looks like below:

  • type: log
    • C:\logpath*.log
      pattern: '^[.+]'
      negate: true
      match: after
      max_line: 999
      timeout: 60
      hosts: ["mylogstahhost:8080"]

I am running filebeat on windows and my filebeat version is 6.3

When I am trying to start the service it's not getting started. It's failing I am sure I am missing something here. Please let me know how to achieve thisfilebeat

Could you please format the configuration using </>? Please attach debug logs (output of filebeat -e -d "*").

I achieved this by running multiple file beat instances on that host. Thanks !!!

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