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It is possible to create multiple index with filebeat and send them deirectly to kibana, if it's possible how?

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Can you share a bit more details on what you are trying to do?

The storage engine is Elasticsearch. To run Kibana you need Elasticsearch.


I'm running kibana without elasticsearch i send directly my logs from filebeat to kibana into the default index the one that creates filebeat [ %dd%MM%yyyy ] and i want to know if its possible to send multiple index to kibana or not?

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I'm not sure I can follow. The Kibana index is in Elasticsearch and Filebeat can't send data directly to Kibana. You mean having multiple indices in Elasticsearch instead of just the daily ones?


Oh I thought I could send my index directly to kiabna and then index them into elasticsearch. Didn't know I must send the index directly onto elasticsearch


well i did know that but i thought i could just first show my logs at kibana and then index them :stuck_out_tongue: mistake then. thanks!

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