File output gzip configuration



I am trying to use the gzip option with the file output, however, I wanted to know how would I go about looking into the contents of the generated gzip file?

file {
            path => "/throttled/output.txt"
            gzip => true

When I run it with this configuration setting, I get an output.txt file in the path specified, however when I open the file, I see jumbled up contents. Is there anything that needs to be fixed in my config?

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Not sure exactly what you mean here. Enabling the gzip option will compress the data and it will look like garbage if opened in e.g. a regular text editor. You have to uncompress the file with gunzip to view it, or use a program like zless which uncompresses and shows the file on the fly so you don't have to store the uncompressed file on disk.

(Mark Walkom) #3

gzcat too if you are feeling adventurous :wink:

(system) #4