File output plugin permission denied

This is my output configuration, right now i am just using grok to parse out IP and a WORD

input {stdin {} }

filter {
grok {
match => {"message" => "%{IP:user_ip} %{WORD:computer_name}"}

output {
file {
codec => json
path => "H:\logstash\logstash_outputfiles"

EACCES: Permission denied -H: logstash/logstash_outputfiles initialize at org/jruby/

Is H:\logstash\logstash_outputfiles a file or a directory? Judging by its name it sounds like it would be a directory, but the path needs to be a file. I'd also try using forward slashes instead of backslashes. And, obviously, make sure the user that Logstash runs as has write access to the file in question.

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thank you, you were right, i specified a directory instead of a file