Filebeat 6.2.2 - Index Template

Hi -

Is it possible to create my own index template file as a replacement for the default template which is fields.yml?
For example: "filebeat_template.yml" and then load it from filebeat.yml like this:

setup.template.enabled: true "filebeat_template"
setup.template.fields: "filebeat_template.yml"
setup.template.pattern: "filebeat_template*"

Any help? Thanks in advance.

Hi @_kyllr,

Yes its possible to overwrite the template in filebeat.

Please refer below link for the same.


Thanks @harshbajaj16

And do you know how to set datatypes in that "filebeat_template.yml" file the fields that I'll be using as:
type: "text" and subtype: "keyword"

Is this even possible?

- name: AuthenticationMethod
  type: text
  type: keyword
  description: >
    Contains user AuthenticationMethod

Hi @_kyllr,

I'm not sure about this configuration. Please check below thread for the same.

It may be helpful and if you are still getting issue to set datatypes then please let me know.


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