Filebeat 6.3+ IIS module and IIS versions < 10

Hey everyone, new to the community. I've been using Elastic for a little over a year now.

I see that filebeat has an IIS module now (starting with 6.3) but it's only been tested with IIS 10.
I am curious if anyone in the community has tried using the module with versions below 10; 8 specifically.

I'm currently indexing IIS logs with a Logstash grok pattern I wrote myself, but figure that the IIS module might be a little better at it than me :stuck_out_tongue:


Not aware of someone that tested it, but if you see that it doesn't work with version 8, I recommend you to open an issue in the Github repo and share there some example logs, the grok pattern you used so we can figure out what we need to change / add.

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