FileBeat 6.4.0 on Windows as non-service app and environment variables

With FileBeat 6.4.0 on Windows (running as a stand-alone app from command line, not a service) we are trying to use various environment variable string values as custom field values per reference document content at

with windows SET command we can definitely see env var values are valid (note: sudo-type concerns do not apply)

but in config file (which works perfectly for everything except these custom field values) we do as follows (assuming FIELD_1 and FIELD_2 have valid environment variable values from SET):

field_1: $(FIELD_1)
field_2: $(FIELD_2)

In the output, all we get is the literal "$(FIELD_1)" string embedded in the field values - eg. in JSON "field_1":"$(FIELD_1)"

env variable value substition does not appear to be working

The syntax for environment variables is ${FIELD_1}. Do not use parens, but braces.

Many thanks, works perfectly on Windows 7

Hey priwillmot did you managed to figure out the way to solve?

With Regards,
Kegno Motre


The proposed solution from Steffen to use { insead of ( worked perfectly for my windows scenario

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