Filebeat 6.6.1(arm build) Harvester generate different inode for the same file

I build the filebeat for ARM according to the wiki How to install Filebeat on a ARM based SBC (eg. Raspberry Pi 3)

Then i replace the filebeat in filebeat-6.1.1-linux-x86_64 with my just built filebeat. It does work.
However, i found that when i modify my input, filebeat will create a new harvester for the file and check the input from the beginning.
I found in the registry file, file beat generate a new inode for the same file when i make any modify. If i test the official firebeat release 6.61 with mac version, i don't see this behavior. Is there any way to solve the problem in arm build? below is the example in my registry for arm build


Every time i modify the input, there will be a new entry generated with different inode.

I found the root cause now. Because i use vi command to modify the input file in ARM operation system. The vi command will change the inode with the input file.

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