Filebeat 7.14 dont send Logs to Kafka

Hi all,

I noticed that I can't send any logs to Kafka with filebeat 7.14.

With 7.12 everything works fine.
With the same settings, of course.

hosts: ["localhost:9092"]
topic: "testkafka"

and activated system module.

Do others have this problem, or has something changed that I just haven't noticed?

It'd be great if you could provide more info.

What does your config look like?
What do your Filebeat logs show?
Have you run Filebeat in debug to see if it reports anything useful?

Please also format your code/logs/config using the </> button, or markdown style back ticks. It helps to make things easy to read which helps us help you :slight_smile:

Hi warkolm,

thanks for your quick reply.
In the meantime it works, I don't know what the problem was. I restarted all the infrastructure components and then it worked.

Sorry for the trouble.

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