Filebeat 7.4v does not pick up the index templates provided in filebeat.yml

Hi Team,

I have recently upgraded filebeat to 7.4v .
I have setup.ilm.enabled: true in filebeat.yml but it does not seem to pick up the index template that i have provided in filebeat.yml, and instead it uses the default index template and index pattern. What configuration should I change or add to make filebeat pickup the templates and patterns that I have provided?

Any help in this regard is appreciated.

Could you please share your configuration formatted using </>?

Following is the configuration i've used


  • type: log
    enabled: true
  • /es_storage/logstash/logs/logstash-plain.log
    multiline.pattern: '^['
    multiline.negate: true
    multiline.match: after
    #==================== Elasticsearch template setting ==========================
    setup.template.enabled: true
    index.number_of_shards: 1 logstash_logs_template
    setup.template.pattern: test_logs_filebeat_*
    #============================== Kibana =====================================
    host: "https://hostname:5611"

#-------------------------- Elasticsearch output ------------------------------
hosts: ["https://hostname:9211"]
ssl.certificate_authorities: [""]
index: "test_logs_filebeat_hostname_%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"
username: {USR} password: {PWD}
protocol: "https"

logging.level: INFO
logging.to_files: true
path: /filebeat/logs/
name: filebeatlogs
keepfiles: 7
permissions: 0600
#============================== X-Pack Monitoring ===============================
xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
#================================= Migration ==================================

This allows to enable 6.7 migration aliases

migration.6_to_7.enabled: true
setup.ilm.enabled: true

setup.ilm.enabled: false

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