Filebeat adds drive letter to path

since I always get help here, i try next one. This may be something very obvious, but i spent already few hours on this.

It's about filebeat (7.3.0) running on Windows server
I'm using shared drive in my Filebeat inputs.yml file:

- type: log
    - \\vsfs10\\ifpcshare\\InformaticaServer\\WorkflowLogs\\**\\*.log

And when I start Filebeat it thinks, that the path is


according to logfile. Filebeat is adding "I:" to my path.

I start Filebeat from command line just by going to location I:\Filebeat and entering .\filebeat.exe

I already tried to put my path in single quotes like this:

- '\\vsfs10\\ifpcshare\\InformaticaServer\\WorkflowLogs\\**\\*.log'

And I tried to escape backslashes like this:

- \\\\vsfs10\\ifpcshare\\InformaticaServer\\WorkflowLogs\\**\\*.log

Which didn't help obviously.

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