Filebeat and AWS Module unable to get CloudTrail logs


I am having troubles getting the Filebeat AWS module to work with CloudTrail logs. I believe I have followed everything correctly as per the documentation but can't seem to get it working.

All components are running v7.6.2 - Filebeat, Elasticsearch and Kibana and running on-prem rather than in the cloud.

My filebeat.yml file has this configuration relating to the S3 Input:

 - type: s3
   shared_credential_file: /root/.aws/credentials
   credential_profile_name: default
   expand_event_list_from_field: Records
   visibility_timeout: 300

My aws.yml file has the CloudTrail section enabled, all other bits (S3Access etc.) are set to disabled.

    enabled: true


    var.shared_credential_file: /root/.aws/credentials
    var.credential_profile_name: default

I believe this is all ok. As per the documentation, CloudTrail is delivered in json format so I need the expand_event_list_from_field: Records line. I can get Logstash to pull data from this S3 bucket but I want Filebeats to process it so its all ECS friendly. Using Logsash, I can also verify that the data is there, delivered in json format etc. so I don't think the problem is the AWS end.

I also have proven Filebeats as I have the Palo panw module working with this same instance so the whole Filebeat and Elastic configuration is ok.

When I run Filebeat, the main error I see when I run journalctl -xeu filebeat is:

ERROR        [s3]        s3/input.go:254        handleSQSMessage failed: json unmarshal sqs message body failed: invalid character 'e' in literal true (expecting 'r')

After this I usually get a visibility timeout related message but I believe that is because the log is failing to be processed. I have turned on debug logging and don't see anything different relating to S3 and AWS and I'm now out of ideas.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Phil,

you need to enable debugging for filebeat:

filebeat -c <filebeatconfigfile>.yml -e -d '*'

If possible, send me the logfile per PN or at least the part that surrounds the unmarshal error.

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