Filebeat and Fortinet


Filebeat seems to have built in Index patterns and templates for some Fortinet products, which is good from my point of view.
What I would like to do is to instead of using the default index that Filebeat creates, change it to something else that tells you more of what kind of logs we are importing, I thinking mostly about logs from Fortinet firewalls:

index: "fortigate-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"

According to the documentaion, if I want to use my own Index name, I need to also configure the and setup.template.pattern.
Is there any way for me to use the existing template name and template patterns that is built in to the Filebeat for this task?



we have the same setup , we have created the ILM ploicy ,index pattern ,index and alias with name we want and configure filebeat with the and setup.template.pattern.

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