Filebeat and grok parsing errors

This one should be pretty easy....

In the past, I was using filebeat to log to logstash directly, and putting in my own custom grok statements. It worked well but to be honest, was way more complicated than it needed to be. So I decided to reconfigure the filebeat output back to ES directly over port 9200. Everything is fine and works however, I am getting the following error while trying to ingest some of my apache ssl logs:

Provided Grok expressions do not match field value

I had this covered with my previous configuration but now that im using FB->ES directly, can't seem to find where I should be setting these custom grok statements.

Ive played around with /usr/share/filebeat/module/apache2/access/ingest/default.json but that didn't seem to work. I've also tried to configure my FB apache modules but have been running into issues there as well

# filebeat modules enable apache
Error in modules manager: modules management requires 'filebeat.config.modules.path' setting

What am I doing wrong? I can't seem to find the answers I am looking for and stumped.

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Hi @rdesanno,

filebeat doesn't support grok expressions on itself, what we do with modules is to prepare a set of predefined pipelines that are installed in the elasticsearch ingest nodes, the json files you see contain these definitions.

If you need to define your own grok patterns, you can define and add your own pipeline. Once added you can add to the filebeat configuration a log input with:

  • The paths to the files you want to collect and parse
  • The pipeline option set to your created pipeline

If you think that your custom patterns can be used by more people, or can be included in the apache module, we'll be happy to accept them as contributions in filebeat :slight_smile:

Regarding the error enabling modules, your filebeat.yml configuration file needs to include the path to the modules configuration, something like this:

  path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml

But these lines are already included in our distributed packages, how are you installing filebeat? Do you overwrite the configuration file?

With regards to the above, I've tried adding this but always run into a config issue like the following:

/usr/share/filebeat/bin/filebeat test config -c /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml

Exiting: error loading config file: yaml: line 14: did not find expected key

And this is how I was testing it:

#========================== Modules configuration ============================
path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml

I'm sure its something wrong with my config but not seeing it.

No easier way of doing this? I considered redirecting my output to use a pipeline to handle these but not sure if it's worth the extra complication. No way to modify the apache/access ingester directly on the few hosts where this is an issue?

If not, I guess I can look into this approach.

Here are the GROK statements for apache access that works in my environment if you want them. Some are copied over from /usr/share/filebeat/module/apache2/access/ingest/default.json, but the others are all me.

"%{IPORHOST:apache2.access.remote_ip} - %{DATA:apache2.access.user_name} \\[%{HTTPDATE:apache2.access.time}\\] \"%{WORD:apache2.access.method} %{DATA:apache2.access.url} HTTP/%{NUMBER:apache2.access.http_version}\" %{NUMBER:apache2.access.response_code} (?:%{NUMBER:apache2.access.body_sent.bytes}|-)( \"%{DATA:apache2.access.referrer}\")?( \"%{DATA:apache2.access.agent}\")?",
        "%{IPORHOST:apache2.access.remote_ip} - %{DATA:apache2.access.user_name} \\[%{HTTPDATE:apache2.access.time}\\] \"%{WORD:apache2.access.method} %{DATA:apache2.access.url} HTTP/%{NUMBER:apache2.access.http_version}\" %{NUMBER:apache2.access.response_code} (?:%{NUMBER:apache2.access.body_sent.bytes}|-)( \"%{DATA:apache2.access.referrer}\")?( \"%{DATA:apache2.access.agent}\")?",
        "\\[%{HTTPDATE:apache2.access.time}\\] %{IPORHOST:apache2.access.remote_ip} TLSv%{NUMBER:apache2.access.tls_version} (?:([A-z]|[0-9]|-| )*\")%{WORD:apache2.access.method} %{DATA:apache2.access.url} HTTP\/%{NUMBER:apache2.access.http_version}\" (?:%{NUMBER:apache2.access.body_sent.bytes}|-)",
        "%{IPORHOST:apache2.access.remote_ip} - %{DATA:apache2.access.user_name} \\[%{HTTPDATE:apache2.access.time}\\] \"-\" %{NUMBER:apache2.access.response_code} -"

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