Filebeat at kubernetes return "CRIT Exiting: invalid prospector type: docker. Change type"

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I want to collect data from kubernetes cluster using filebeat.
I have copied configs from here:

And have the next config map:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: filebeat-prospectors
namespace: kube-system
k8s-app: filebeat "true"
kubernetes.yml: |-
- type: docker
- '*'
- add_kubernetes_metadata:
in_cluster: true

But, filebeat return error:
2018/03/05 10:18:48.857312 beat.go:268: INFO filebeat stopped.
2018/03/05 10:18:48.857347 beat.go:625: CRIT Exiting: invalid prospector type: docker. Change type
Exiting: invalid prospector type: docker. Change type

When I set type: log, everything working OK, but the data is not what I needed.

Can someone help me to solve the issue "invalid prospector type: docker"?

Thank you.

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Hi @LihoyKozak,

What version of Filebeat are you using? docker prospector was introduced in 6.1.0

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I have used 6.0.1 ! After changing the version, issue has been solved.

Thanks, a lot.

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