Filebeat breaking up docker log lines

I'm using filebeat 6.3 to read docker log files with the default docker json-file driver. Lines over 16kb in size are being reported by filebeat as 2 seperate log events.

The symptoms look like the situation the combine_partial[1] option is supposed to address. However, combine_partial is supposed to be true by default and even if I explicitly set it to true, I see the same behavior.

What I'm trying to do is ingest a docker container log where our application has logged a large chunk of JSON. We are using decode_json_fields to parse one of the log fields but since the line gets split, the json doesn't get parsed.

My filebeat configuration is

  • type: docker
    combine_partial: true
    • '*'
      path: ${CONTAINER_LOGS_DIR}
      stream: 'all'
      keys_under_root: true
      overwrite_keys: true
      add_error_key: true
      message_key: message
    • 'filebeat'
      abltools_application: 'filebeat'
      abltools_environment: ${ABLTOOLS_ENVIRONMENT}
    • add_docker_metadata: ~
    • add_host_metadata: ~
    • decode_json_fields:
      • 'message'
        max_depth: 1
        target: "json_message"

Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? Or is this a bug?

Thanks for the help!


Can you share some failing sample logs?

Is filebeat itself reporting any errors?

I think the issue is me and my ability to use documentation :frowning: I thought I had the documentation for 6.3 but it looks like the feature[1] I was hoping to use wasn't released until 6.4.

I'll try uplifting to filebeat 6.4 and see if the issue goes away.



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