Filebeat - cannot change pipeline in nginx module


For processing our nginx access logs, we'd like to use a custom pipeline. Therefore I've changed the configuration to:

- module: nginx
  # Access logs
    enabled: true
      pipeline: filebeat-7.3.1-nginx-access-custom

I have also tried this without setting the input: tag. In both situations the beat runs fine, but it does not change the [@metadata][pipeline] field. It is still set to the -default pipeline.

The output is configured for Logstash. So I have verified the metdata field there.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?


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Unfortunately it is not currently possible to override the ingest pipeline ID in a module's configuration file. There is already a feature request for this: If you have a GitHub account, I suggest adding your use case to this feature request issue to help prioritize it and also to get notifications about progress updates.

Hi @shaunak, thanks for your reply. I have misunderstood the current functionality then. It sounds very valuable to me, so I'll try to follow up on the Github issue you mentioned.


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