Filebeat can't process all the logs

Hello team,

I have a setup that will push the logs from filebeat to logstash to elastic.
Here is my filebeat configs

- type: log
  enabled: true
  - '/var/www/log/myapp.log'
  close_renamed: true

  - add_tags:
      tags: [myapp]
      target: "application"

logging.to_files: true
logging.level: debug
  path: /var/log/filebeat
  name: filebeat
  rotateeverybytes: 104857600
  keepfiles: 7

  hosts: ["XX1:5044", "XX2:5044", "XX3:5044"]
  loadbalance: true
  workers: 2

I see myapp logs are having the events but when I run Filebeat in debug mode i don't see anything related to the event that I see in logfile.
Am not sure what am missing at this point. Please help.

Hey @adityak248,

Is this the same issue that you describe in Filebeats, unable to read all the data from log file?

Let's keep the discussion centralized in a single thread to make it easier to follow. I will close this thread, please let me know if this is a different issue and this should be reopened!