Filebeat causes

Has anyone encountered compatibility issues when running Filebeat alongside a live application?
Are there known conflicts or considerations to be aware of when Filebeat is continuously monitoring logs in the presence of another actively running application?
How can I ensure that Filebeat doesn't adversely affect the performance of the live application?

I think, the information in this page will be of some help to you.

Hi @Rutuja_More

Considering that there are thousands of users that use filebeat in the install base is well into the millions of instances of filebeat. Yes, there are some small percentage of beats that have issues... But those tend to be a small percentage.

This is a use case by use case basis you will need to provide more details if you would like input.

There are also release notes.

Where I see issue is when users try to use filebeat Not in it s intended purpose. It was originally developed to be an edge shipper. Think thin pipe. It works great in those environments. It has some additional inputs these days and sometimes I use cases where it's trying to be used as a thick pipe. More like logstash than a beat.

This is an easy one, and I mean this directly, I'm not trying to be sassy.

Testing Is it the best way to ensure you won't have issues.

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