Filebeat Client/Server Version Mismatch

(Diego) #1

We have one server (A) running a docker cluster (Node.js and Elasticsearch) and a separate server (B) running ELK Stack.

Logs should get shipped from Server A using filebet, it is installed independent from docker cluster.

Server B has Kafka to stream logs from Server A.

Everything seems to be setup ok but Filbeat logs:

[root@servera filebeat]# Exiting: Error in initing prospector: Error response from daemon: client is newer than server (client API version: 1.22, server API version: 1.19)

our filebeat yml

- type: log
    - /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*.log
  document_type: docker
  enabled: true
    - add_docker_metadata: ~
   hosts: ["", "", ""]
   topic: cgr-logs
   enabled: true

  index.number_of_shards: 3

  host: ""

We don't know what client / server API is mismatching, do you know what could be the issue?

Server Running on RHEL 7 and filebeat version 6.2.4 (amd64), libbeat 6.2.4 and kafka_2.11-

(Adrian Serrano) #2

This error is returned by the Docker daemon, which seems not to be compatible with our docker client. Any chance to upgrade it?

(Adrian Serrano) #3

In our next release, 6.3.0, there is a fix to prevent this problem from happening:

(Diego) #4

Ok thanks, this means we will have to downgrade filebeat. Do you know what filebeat version would be compatible with 1.19 Server API?

(system) #5

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