Filebeat config file error

I am trying to start Filebeats on a clients server to ship log to my ELK server and im getting the below error

service filebeat start

Starting filebeat: Loading config file error: YAML config parsing failed on /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml: yaml: line 281: found unexpected ':'. Exiting.

my config file below

Logstash as output

279 ### Logstash as output
280 #logstash:
281 # The Logstash hosts
282 hosts: []
283 bulk_max_size:1024
285 # Number of workers per Logstash host.
286 #worker: 1
288 # Set gzip compression level.
289 #compression_level: 3
291 # Optional load balance the events between the Logstash hosts
292 #loadbalance: true
294 # Optional index name. The default index name depends on the each beat.
295 # For Packetbeat, the default is set to packetbeat, for Topbeat
296 # top topbeat and for Filebeat to filebeat.
297 #index: filebeat
299 # Optional TLS. By default is off.
300 tls:

The system keeps complaining about Line 281 and im confused whats not right on that line, Pls anyone with a suggestion to help will be appreciated.

It looks like you need to uncomment line 280 for your config to be valid.

I will try this today and hopefully it works, thanks Josh Sincere regards,
Yomi SunmonuRHCSA, ITILv3System Engineer