Filebeat Copy Field Processor

I found the rename processor for filebeat, couldn't find anything related to a copy field processor. My usecase is I want to copy some fields from the kubernetes processor to a root field with the original fields remaining intact. I have a similar usecase in the case of journalbeat as well. Is there anyway I can do that?
I tried using the fields, fields_under_root which instead of deriving the name of the variable use the variable name itself. For eg.

  test: "%{[kubernetes][namespace]}"

makes a field test with value %{[kubernetes][namespace]} instead of derived value of that actual namespace. Does anyone know a way to do this?

Instead of doing it on the Beats side you can use copy_to in the template

The same could have been said for the rename processor. I have a usecase which needs the copy processor hence the question. Maybe I'll open a feature request.

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