FIlebeat dashboard creation

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I have 12 EC2 instances my requirement is to create dashboard for all the server I have configure Elk stack with docker compose in one ec2 instance

To create dashboard we use command
filebeat setup

so my question is
do i have to run the above command on each of the ec2 instance server to create dashboard or any other would be suggested??

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You need to run this command only once as the dashboard is imported into your Kibana instance. In your Kibana dashboard, you can then select the host which you want to view.

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Thanks Wolfram i will do it.

I want container logs by using filebeat for this in the filebeat.yml i have given this params

- type: docker
hints.enabled: true

but i am not getting any container fields in the index??? Please help

Unfortunately, I have no experience with docker but I am sure another user on this forum can help you with that.

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