FIlebeat data not pushed into filebeat-7.8 index


Today we upgraded ES, Kibana, and Filebeats from 7.7 to 7.8. Everything went well but unfortunately, it seems like Filebeats is not pushing the cisco fdt module data it receives into ElasticSearch filebeat-7.8 index. Filebeat created the index in ES so its not a permission issue and the logs indicate that everything was successful and there are no [WARN] or [ERROR] entries.

I have run Filebeat and pushed everything to stdout and I see the Cisco FDT logs but it's just not going into the index in ES. Any ideas or where I should look to see if something else is causing this issue?

In order to resolve the issue I had to rerun the "filebeat setup -c filebeat.yml" for it to update the dashboards and other bits which I am not aware of. If someone could tell me why I had to rerun the setup again it would be much appreciated.

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