Filebeat - Datastreams?

Currently we have configured data streams in our environment and its working as expected with Logstash.

For Filebeat do we just use the datastream name as the index value? Or do we create an alias to the datastream and write to that index?

I believe the default Logstash action is to index, not create, not sure if that will cause an issue with Filebeat as well?

To get this to work I had to do the following, add a processor in filebeat.yml:

    - script:
        lang: javascript
        source: >
          function process(event) {
              event.Put("@metadata.op_type", "create");

Also in my filebeat.yml the following parameters needed to be set:

setup.ilm.enabled: false 
setup.template.enabled: false "weaponx"
setup.template.pattern: "logs-weaponx-*"

output.elasticsearch.index: "logs-weaponx-filebeat"

Note all my index and index templates already existed inside ES.

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