Filebeat docker input: Error getting container info: <nil>

(Justin Walz) #1


Running filebeat 6.3.2 with "- add_docker_metadata" set, and periodically see this in the logs:

ERROR docker/watcher.go:233 Error getting container info: <nil>

Can you please provide some information as to what may be causing this?

Thanks, Justin

(Pier-Hugues Pellerin) #2

From looking at the code and your error trace:

It appears we make an API call and don't receive any containers information.

how often you see this in your log?

(Justin Walz) #3

Not super often, but often enough that I felt it was worth asking about.

Looking at that loop, it seems like the only way to get there is after a 'start' or 'update' event. Is it potentially a timing issue / race condition if the watcher got an event for a start or update but cannot find the container by id?

Best, Justin

(Justin Walz) #4

I also see this one, a little more frequently

2018-10-25T20:46:10.588Z ERROR kubernetes/watcher.go:254 kubernetes: Watching API error EOF

Looks like that comes from either of these two places:

Is this something to be concerned about?

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