Filebeat/elasticsearch create daily index

Hi, im trying create per day index with filebeat.
Can you help me? Here is part of filebeat.yml file

      # Array of hosts to connect to.
      hosts: ["test2019:9200"]
      pipeline: "logpipeline" 
      #index: "upg-prod-raw-%{+yyyy.MM.dd.HH}"
      #ilm.enabled: true
      # ilm.rollover_alias: "upg-prod-raw"
      #ilm.pattern: "{now/d{yyyy-MM-dd}}" 
      enabled: true

    setup.ilm.enabled: true
    output.elasticsearch.index: "upg-prod-raw-%{+yyyy-MM-dd}" "upg-prod-raw"
    setup.template.pattern: "upg-prod-raw-"

Reuslt :

You have output.elasticsearch.index defined in output.elasticsearch. Try to change the first one to index.

Thank you!

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