Filebeat: Error watching for docker events: context deadline exceeded

Hi folks,

I have filebeat 7.5.0 with autodiscovery feature running in a docker container on a bunch of hosts. It logs every 30-60 min following error:

  "stream": "stderr",
  "caller": "docker/watcher.go:303",
  "level": "error",
  "message": "Error watching for docker events: context deadline exceeded"

With 7.4.2 a had the same issue. I couldn't really discover any issues correlated with the error — looks like it stays fully functional.

Hi @speechkey!

Thank you for reporting this!
Most probably Docker API takes too long to respond for events at the point of reaching timeout.
We will look into this! Maybe this should not be reported as an error to avoid confusion.


Hi @ChrsMark, that was also my guess. Should I report it on Github?

Hi @speechkey, yes if you can open an issue for this would be really appreciated.
If so, please "cc" me in the description so as to handle it soonish.

Thanks a lot!

Hi in order to keep track of it I created the issue:


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