Filebeat Error: "Writing of registry returned error"



I noticed these errors coming out of filebeat:

2016/03/25 15:34:30.198179 file_other.go:39: ERR Rotate error: rename /root/ /root/.filebeat: no such file or directory
2016/03/25 15:34:30.198234 registrar.go:105: ERR Writing of registry returned error: rename /root/ /root/.filebeat: no such file or directory. Continuing..

Googling, I found this issue against the obsolete logstash-forwarder (but which filebeat is based on):

In my setup, I am running two instances of filebeat (both consuming from stdin for two different applications). From the above link, I am inferring that my errors are occurring because I am running both instances of filebeat in the same working directory, and the filename "" is not unique to each instance. I will confirm by running them in separate working directories.

I wanted to offer this up for discussion before submitting it as a defect/enhancement to be able to run multiple instances of filebeat from the same working directory.

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Just set the registry_file option to a unique value for each instance.


Thanks, that worked as well.

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