Filebeat failed to start in PCF

Filebeat is failing to start with the following error.

ERR Exiting: fileset okta/system is configured but doesn't exist

I am attempting to run filebeat as an application in PCF with the input being sys logs from Okta (using the okta filebeat module) and the output being a standard Elasticsearch cluster.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I would be happy to provide more info as requested.

Perhaps share your manifest.yml.

Did you cf push from the top directory that you untared the Linux Filebeat tar.gz.. the directory that filebeat* is in , all that needs to be pushed up not just the executable.

Also you will need to run ./filebeat setup before you cf push to PCF assuming you want to load the Okta templates , dashboards etc.

Here is my sample manifest

- name: filebeat
  memory: 1G
  instances: 2
  - binary_buildpack
  command: ./filebeat -e -c ~/filebeat.yml
  stack: cflinuxfs3
  health-check-type: process
  no-route: true

Run from this directory / location

ceres:sandbox sbrown$ cd filebeat-7.11.2-linux-x86_64
LICENSE.txt             fields.yml              filebeat.yml            manifest.yml
NOTICE.txt              filebeat*             module/               filebeat.reference.yml  kibana/                 modules.d/

ceres:sandbox sbrown$ tar -xvf filebeat-7.11.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

ceres:sandbox sbrown$ cd filebeat-7.11.2-linux-x86_64

ceres:filebeat-7.11.2-linux-x86_64 sbrown$ ./filebeat setup

ceres:filebeat-7.11.2-linux-x86_64 sbrown$ cf push

All that works then you may or may not have connectivity to the OKTA endpoint and the Elasticsearch endpoint, I assume you have accounted for that.

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