Filebeat fails to send monitoring stats to Elasticsearch

I cannot seem to setup the xpack monitoring of Filebeats successfully.

Filebeats keeps logging error messages similar to:

2018-03-19T12:29:20.396-0700 ERROR pipeline/output.go:92 Failed to publish events: 500 Internal Server Error: {"took":9,"errors":true,"error":{"type":"export_exception","reason":"failed to add documents to export bulks","exceptions":[{"type":"export_exception","reason":"failed to add documents to export bulk [default_local]","exceptions":[{"type":"export_exception","reason":"failed to add document [org.elasticsearch.xpack.monitoring.action.MonitoringBulkDoc@35dd5055]","caused_by":{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"No resolver found for monitoring document"}}]}]}}

whenever it attempts to send the monitoring stats to Elasticsearch.

Any help resolving this error message?

My filebeat.yml x-pack settings:

#============================== Xpack Monitoring ===============================
# filebeat can export internal metrics to a central Elasticsearch monitoring
# cluster.  This requires xpack monitoring to be enabled in Elasticsearch.  The
# reporting is disabled by default.

# Set to true to enable the monitoring reporter.
xpack.monitoring.enabled: true

# Uncomment to send the metrics to Elasticsearch. Most settings from the
# Elasticsearch output are accepted here as well. Any setting that is not set is
# automatically inherited from the Elasticsearch output configuration, so if you
# have the Elasticsearch output configured, you can simply uncomment the
# following line.
    hosts: ["kibana:9200"]

Which version of Filebeat are you using? Which version of Elasticsearch and Kibana?

Filebeat: 6.2.2

Apparently, 5.6.4 for Elasticsearch and Kibana rather than the 6+ that I thought. I'm guessing the error will go away upon upgrading then?

Yes, you need at least 6.2

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