FileBeat file is falling under ignore older Part2

@ruflin my old post has been closed if you reopen it I copy the answer there

You're right I pasted the wrong logs, anyway there where nothing usefull in ther, right now I removed all those conf, but FB sizes in memory is growing a lot, so I think a have to write them back.

However with this configuration I am still having EOF but no duplicated lines!

My situation is that I have about 20 prospector for 20 single files, each of them is rotated and renamed after it reach around 10MB. the renamed file can be closed and ignored. the newly created file (with the name specified in the prospector) should be started.
i.e prospector start on myapp.log, after it reaches 10 MB it is renamed in myapp20161013111000.log and a new myapp.log starts

I want to keep my prospector active only on the main log not the older renamed files

I reopened the other topic. Lets continue the discussion there.

thanks, i moved the answer there :slight_smile:

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