Filebeat file path not working

I have filebeat deployed through ECK on my Kubernetes cluster. I want to read the logs from a specific pod whose log file name is something like this dev-be-svc-logistic-8c9bfbd85-qs6ng_smartbox-dev_dev-be-svc-logistic-4b3a4b4345fbf2c6f44545fdbcdd49a1c687512d08fa94c4f0d4c75f5dea06e9.log and the pod name is something like this dev-be-svc-logistic-8c9bfbd85-qs6ng.
In the filebeat deployment file, I have given the path like this

- type: container
      - /var/log/containers/dev-be-svc-logistic-*.log

I have added the path like this because when pods go down and are created again, then this file name may change a little bit.
Issue I'm facing is that no logs are being read and written to kafka topic.
Is there anything I'm doing wrong here?