Filebeat: filebeat.config.prospectors is not working in 6.2.1

I see the following message when the config_dir is used. So when I configured filebeat.config.prospectors it is not working and I have to revert back to config_dir itslef to get it working.

DEPRECATED: config_dir is deprecated. Use filebeat.config.prospectors instead. Will be removed in version: 7.0.0

Also when I checked the latest documentation still I see the config_dir details itself instead of filebeat.config.prospectors configuration option.
The full path to the directory that contains additional prospector configuration files. Each configuration file must end with .yml. Each config file must also specify the full Filebeat config hierarchy even though only the prospector part of the file is processed. All global options, such as registry_file, are ignored.

The config_dir option MUST point to a directory other than the directory where the main Filebeat config file resides.

If the specified path is not absolute, it is considered relative to the configuration path. See the Directory layout section for details.

filebeat.config_dir: path/to/configs

Can someone please provide the requested clarification? Thanks.

Can you share the config you used with filebeat.config.prospectors which did not work?

For the docs: Yes we should update our docs here. Could you open an issue for that on Github?

  registry_file: /project/filebeat/data/registry
  config.prospectors: /project/filebeat/config/conf.d


  enabled: true
  pretty: true

  to_files: true
    path: /project/filebeat/logs
    name: filebeat.log
    rotateeverybytes: 10485760
    keepfiles: 10
  level: info

  home: /opt/filebeat
  conf: /project/filebeat/config
  data: /project/filebeat/data
  logs: /project/filebeat/logs

As you can see in you must configure a pattern and not only the path to the directory. Replace /project/filebeat/config/conf.d by /project/filebeat/config/conf.d/*.

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