Filebeat Fortinet module not working

I have a FortiGate 200E firewall and I can see the logs reaching the filebeat machine (using tcpdump listening on port 9004). but filebeat doesn't process them ( no logs in discover tab the output of journalctl -xeu filebeat | grep forti is empty).

Fortinet module is enabled and other filebeat modules are working correctly.

ELK version is 7.8


Could you run Filebeat in debug mode ( and check if there is anything interesting in the logs?


So something weird happened. after restarting filebeat service the logs are now processing but when i want to see them in discover tab the timestamp is +4:30, same as my timezone. if i change time range to "5 hours from now" i can see them in discover tab. if i query logs via API the timestamp is correct.
should i open a new topic for it?

We can open a new topic yes for better context awareness.

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