Filebeat getting restarted even after stopping it. what should i do?

i am killing the filebeat process but even after stopping it filebeat process gets restarted again what should i do ?
Please help!!

Hi @pramodchoudhari,

I think you are executing filebeat using systemctl .

So when you executes filebeat using systemctl, then it will be restarted by default when any kind of signal is passed to the filebeat process because of "Restart" parameter in "filebeat.service" file.

To overcome this you have to change the value of "Restart" parameter to "none" or as per your requirement.

The location of the service file is :


the file in given path does not exists :slight_smile:

May be in your system it is located somewhere else, Can you kindly verify this using "find" command

find / -name filebeat.service

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