Filebeat haproxy module - with custom log_format - how could it ever work?

It isn't clear from the docs here HAproxy module | Filebeat Reference [master] | Elastic

How the logs are parsed. If I have customized the haproxy logs using a log-format directive in my haproxy.conf, how can filebeat possibly parse the log without configuration to match my custom log-format? How can I configure this?

I see Extend filebeat logstash patterns for the haproxy modul · Issue #21332 · elastic/beats · GitHub is kind of similar.

Is it possible at all?

My log-format is %{+Q}o\ %{-Q}ci\ -\ -\ [%trg]\ %r\ %ST\ %B\ %cp\ %ms\ %ft\ %b\ %s\ %TR\ %Tw\ %Tc\ %Tr\ %Tt\ %tsc\ %ac\ %fc\ %bc\ %sc\ %rc\ %sq\ %bq\ %CC\ %CS\ %hrl\ %hsl\ %sslv\

I'd like to add more captures and possibly more %T timings.

How could filebeat haproxy module support this at all?

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