Filebeat http endpoint CORS

Is there any way to setup CORS when using Filebeat http_endpoint?

I'm not convinced if it's possible to configure a simple/nice workaround. Could you please describe your use case?

I'm building a little Proof of Concept / Prototype for introducing the Elk stack to our project. The idea is to be able to show the team what the elk stack can do for us. I'm not worried about implementing it properly and securely.

Right now I'm focusing on the Angular front-end logging. I'm trying to send log events from the Angular client to Filebeat's http_endpoint as a quick and dirty way to get the logs to show up in Kibana. Obviously, with a real implementation, the logs will be sent through our API gateway. I was really hoping to be able to bypass having to implement all the stuff in between the client and Filebeat. http_endpoint seemed like the perfect solution.

I'm afraid in this case you'll have to add proxy in front of filebeat that can handle CORS adequately.

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