Filebeat ignoring recursive globs


I configured my prospector to use recursive globs, but filebeat is ignoring the configuration and exiting with the error below:

Error in initing prospector: Failed to resolve recursive globs in config: multiple ** in "/etc/Jenkins/Home/jobs/** /builds/**/build.xml"

Here is my config snippet for reference.

  enabled: true
  type: log
    environment: dev
    - /etc/Jenkins/Home/jobs/**/builds/**/build.xml
    - /etc/Jenkins/Home/jobs/**/jobs/**/builds/**/build.xml
  recursive_glob.enabled: true
  multiline.pattern: '.'
  multiline.match: after

AFAICT from the documentation, only a single recursive glob pattern per entry is allowed.

Enable expanding ** into recursive glob patterns. With this feature enabled, the rightmost ** in each path is expanded into a fixed number of glob patterns. For example: /foo/** expands to /foo , /foo/* , /foo/*/* , and so on. If enabled it expands a single ** into a 8-level deep * pattern.

Are the directories nested more than 8 levels deep from the leftmost recursive glob?

I misinterpreted how to use recursive glob patterns and a single wildcard is all that I needed.

I do want to mention, I based my initial question on a previously configured filebeat setup that used multiple recursive glob patterns in a single path. Surprisingly, it works the exact same as my current configuration.

Initial Reference: RHEL6 Filebeat v5.6
Version currently using: MacOS Filebeat v6.5

Thanks for the help. You can close this topic.

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