Filebeat input paths

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I'm working on a system that is monitoring logs files from a about 10 network paths.
both the log files and the elastic will be running on windows mentions.
I wanted to know if filebeat can handle the number of network paths or maybe it's recommended to use logstsh. I can't install any software on each endpoint to collect the logs.
I prefer filebeat because it is a light wave software, also I didn't find a official way to run logstash as a service on windows. if I use filebeat the processing will be done with ingest node for each input

dos anyone have a recommendation

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We do not recommend using network volumes as it can have quite a few side affects: You will potentially encounter similar issues with Logstash. It will work in most of the time as expected ...

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thank you for the replay

regarding Logstash how can I run it in deployment on windows as a service

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For Logstash best ask in the Logstash discuss forum.

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