Filebeat is not returning data to logstash?

This is the error I'm getting.Actually I'm installed filebeat in windows server and then I have installed logstash in ubuntu and below is the corresponding conf file.

input {
    beats {
        port => "5044"
output {
 stdout {
      codec => rubydebug

Then I run the above mentioned conf file then below is the screen shot and I'm able to print the lines of the log file.

Thanks in Advance

Looking at the screenshot, I'm not seeing any errors in the Logstash logs. It looks like Logstash starts running the main pipeline and it spins up a server listening on port 5044.

Are you seeing any errors in your Filebeat log?

No Kashyap


If you have installed logstash in other server, as you said, you need to configure filebeat to know to which logstash instance is going to communicate. That is, providing Logstash server ip to the filebeat yml config.
As I can see in your picture, Logstash is prepared and listening to the port. But no data is being sent to Logstash server yet.

Actually filebeat i have installed in windows and logstash and elasticsearch in ubuntu machine.

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