Filebeat is resending all data

I have one query regarding the data pushed by filebeat to logstash.

When I am opening and saving the log file, filebeat is resending all the data from the begining of the log. Is this the expected behaviour ? How can we overcome this?

When I am pushing one line without opening the file, it is working fine by sending the new data only. but resending all data when i am writting one line by opening the log file.

filebeat stores inode to identify files. If your editors saving strategy changes inode we have a hard time to tell wether the file has already been processed or not.

This was not the case in LSF. I am trying to migrate LSF to filebeat. Is there any way to overcome this issue in filebeat?

My configuration are at my previous post Migration of LSF to filebeat

filebeat code base is derived from LSF code-base. As I don't fully understand what's happening I will need some output to figure out what's going on on OS level.

Which operating system are you using? filebeat version?

Can you run filebeat in debug mode -v -d '*' plus check inodes with $ ls -i ? Compare inode with inode in registry file.

Please add all output.