Filebeat JSON file from eventhub or storage account?

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CarolinaZamisnicu-1887 asked · 3 days ago


Filebeat JSON file from eventhub or storage account?


How can I sent the logs from database services like Maria DB/MySQL in Azure in a valid JSON directly formatted for Elastic without LogStash being implied?
I tried to configure it with a Filebeat Azure module that I found on docs (in the screenshot attached) , but I received only the activity logs ( the module precisely says that only activity logs, platform logs, audit logs and signin logs are available in this module) which are not helping me because I need the db logs (the logs for database services).
Is there any possibility on how this can be achieved?
Thank you!

Can you get the DB logs from event hub? If so u can create a manual input using the event hub type and set it up that way. You'll need to create your own pipeline to parse the data.

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