Filebeat: Kafka Input doesn't push the topic offset

I'm using Filebeat 7.16.0 with Kafka Input and Elasticsearch Output.
Previously I had java application to take care of this flow.

I'm using the same consumer group as previous java application and messages appear in Elasticsearch, but the topic offset stays the same. It's an issue, because it's on Kubernetes and if the pod will be restarted, the filebeat will duplicate the messages which it previously processed.

Current state of topic:

11         5986            6399            413
4          6090            6497            407
7          6195            6551            356
1          6045            6468            423
5          6177            6593            416
0          6074            6485            411
9          5977            6414            437
8          6194            6562            368
2          5991            6397            406
6          6160            6558            398
10         6055            6466            411
3          6028            6461            433


    filebeat.shutdown_timeout: 300s
    http.enabled: true
      level: warn

    - type: kafka
      hosts: kafka-host:19090
      topics: kafka-topic
      group_id: kafka-consumer-group
      sasl.mechanism: PLAIN
      username: username
      password: password

      hosts: https://elastic-host:443
      username: username
      password: password
      bulk_max_size: 25
      compression_level: 9
      index: index

      - decode_json_fields:
          fields: message
          target: ""
          overwrite_keys: true

    setup.ilm.enabled: true
    setup.ilm.policy_name: index
    setup.ilm.rollover_alias: index
    setup.ilm.policy_file: /etc/ilm-policy.json
    setup.ilm.overwrite: true index
    setup.template.pattern: index-*
    setup.template.fields: /etc/fields.yml
    setup.template.overwrite: true
      - name: "@timestamp"
        type: date

I think there is an option to select the direction ( initial_offset: oldest, newest).

Thank you for your comment!
It didn't seem to change anything though, the offset is still frozen.

Any ideas? Should I create a bug for this?

Could you please post more details regarding the Kafka instance? Version, with/without ZooKeeper, any debug logs.

We can open an issue for Beats if only we can confirm that this is a bug indeed.

Hi, so I wanted to make easy steps to reproduce on minikube:

Will be creating a bug in few days

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