Filebeat keeps sending same lines

It is written that filebeat keeps the state of the file it reads in the registry file.
So, it should not send the same logs again and again, if the log file has not changed.

I have added a cronjob which restarts filebeat every 5 minutes, so every 5 minutes, the same log data is being sent to the elastcisearch, whereas it should not send the same data again and again, am I correct ?

filebeat.registry_file: ${}/registry

This line is in the filebeat.full.yml, do I have to add it in filebeat.yml also ?

filebeat.full.yml is an example file, it isn't read by filebeat by

You can pass -c to your invocation to specify it, or rename it to

can I write this variable in filebeat.yml file ?


filebeat.full.yml is a complete configuration example. Everything in it
can be added to filebeat.yml.

Filebeat keeps the most recent acknowledged state of files in the registry file. ACK is done by logstash/elasticsearch. As filebeat buffers lines into batches, lines read is > lines ACKed. If output does not ACK an event, it must be send again (send-at-least-once-semantics).

Have you checked filebeat logs. Was connection closed while waiting for ACK?

Can you point me to the place in docs it's saying "read"? Might be a doc-bug.

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