Filebeat Load balance logstash with kubernetes service

(Siva Kumar) #1

In my kubernetes cluster

I have Filebeat running on a node and I have 6 instances of logstash for load balancing.

This is the configuration in Filebeat

hosts: [logstash.logstash:5044]
bulk_max_size: 4000

But when I check the events In rate for all logstash instances I can see few instances being idle having no load at all (Attached Screenshot


Does the load balance works with kubernetes service ? Or should I manually give all the endpoints but thats not the best practice though.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

That looks odd. The 9600 port in Logstash is usually reserved for exposing monitoring data. Have you defined a beats input using this port?

(Siva Kumar) #3

My bad I wrongly typed. Its port 5044

(system) #4

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