filebeat/Logstash exit

I would like to know how:

filebeat -e



should exit? Because they each run for 10 minutes and before not moving further they print: starting....

Logstash start an input listener and filebeat prints:

2021-10-14T13:40:06.730+0200	INFO	[monitoring]	log/log.go:184	Non-zero metrics in the last 30s	{"monitoring": {"metrics": {"beat":{"cgroup":{"memory":{"id":"session-35.scope","mem":{"limit":{"bytes":9223372036854771712},"usage":{"bytes":3108339712}}}},"cpu":{"system":{"ticks":20,"time":{"ms":30}},"total":{"ticks":450,"time":{"ms":469},"value":450},"user":{"ticks":430,"time":{"ms":439}}},"handles":{"limit":{"hard":262144,"soft":1024},"open":12},"info":{"ephemeral_id":"some id","uptime":{"ms":30065},"version":"7.15.0"},"memstats":{"gc_next":19601152,"memory_alloc":16727360,"memory_sys":76039176,"memory_total":123884784,"rss":122171392},"runtime":{"goroutines":24}},"filebeat":{"harvester":{"open_files":0,"running":0}},"libbeat":{"config":{"module":{"running":0}},"output":{"events":{"active":0},"type":"logstash"},"pipeline":{"clients":1,"events":{"active":0},"queue":{"max_events":4096}}},"registrar":{"states":{"current":0}},"system":{"cpu":{"cores":4},"load":{"1":4.08,"15":3.74,"5":3.82,"norm":{"1":1.02,"15":0.935,"5":0.955}}}}}}

multiple times within my runtime of 10 minutes.

Or should I just let them finish even if it takes more time?

Edit: I cancel execution after 10 minutes

It is not clear what your issue is, filebeat and logstash will keep running until you stop them.

What you are trying to do and what is not working?

This is exactly what i wanted to know. I was curious about wether or not the input listeners are started once and are running until I stop the service or if they need to be started each time.

Thank you.

I will now try to ship data from Filebeat to Logstash and then to Elasticsearch

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